1. I mostly took photos of my dog while in Alberta. This was an oddity in my camera roll. #explorealberta #explorecanada


  2. Coming Home // #warpspeedshooter


  3. Today, I have a new #thankyouportrait 👉 Everyone, meet Copper. This little dude has been my best friend for over 10 years. We have the same personality and it’s a miracle my parents were able to put up with the both of us. It’s been tough living away from him since I’ve moved to Vancouver, so I cherish the time I have with him while visiting back home. Lately he’s been getting better at posing for me.


  4. Move with the colours of the night. // #explorebc #explorecanada (at Gambier Island)


  5. To Be Constructed, But Currently Reflected // #explorealberta (at Red Deer, Alberta)


  6. Back home for two weeks and looking forward to rediscovering the landscape. // #explorealberta


  7. Reaching new heights // #reachjulian


  8. As the air fills with smoke, we all just want to watch the sky burn. // #veryvancouver #explorebc (at Stanley Park)


  9. Exploring new 👉 #skycities


  10. Last night, @arch_barrera and I went out for our first run in almost a month after I injured my knee. Following up a pain-free bike ride and endless walking with no issues, it was time to test it out. Let’s just say it turned into more of a photo walk and we’ll try again in another month… 😣 At least the scenery never disappoints. // #explorebc #explorecanada (at Siwash Rock)


  11. Nature is always there for you. // #GetOutThere (at Gambier Island)


  12. A Cloud Crown 👑☁️ // #explorebc (at Ferry Horseshoe Bay To Langdale)


  13. The Weekend Ascent // An entry for @instagram’s #whplinemeetscorner (at HighstreetFV)


  14. Hey Tumblr, I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you lately. I will start to post photos in their full (non-square-cropped) glory on here again. Thank you so much to everyone for sticking around with me and showing support!

    Amazing things are in the works…


  15. Street Lights // #explorebc #inside_vancouver