1. My friends and I went out adventuring last month — our first journey was at Garibaldi Lake. Read our thoughts below.


    #OurFavoriteTrail Digest 1: Gribaldi Lake

    This September, our group of friends went out each weekend with Nature Valley to find #OurFavoriteTrail in British Columbia. Despite injured knees, conflicting schedules, and fighting illnesses — we had some truly unforgettable memories and stunning landscapes to photograph. Below you can read and see each photographers perspective as we searched for the best BC had to offer.

    Corina Esquivel (@corinaesquivel)

    I am not a hiker was the first thing that came out of my mouth the morning of our first hike. Garibaldi Lake though beautiful and glorious is certainly everything but easy, but like most things in life the struggle, and the hard paths are the ones that lead you to the most rewarding experiences, and Garibaldi is exactly like that. The hike up to the amazing glacier water is not the most exciting, with tons of turns and uphills one might quickly begin to feel discouraged, but if you remain constant in your steps and make sure to stop for lots (and I mean lots) of water breaks once you get to the view point and enjoy the beauty that lays at the very top, the rest will not matter.

     Jesse DeLisle (@thewildtraveller)

    Being the first of our four hikes, this trail proved to be the most exciting. The opening stretch of the hike is a gradual ascent into the lake area. Due to time we took the route straight to Garibaldi Lake providing us with various opportunities to stop, including at Barrier Viewpoint, Barrier Lake and Lesser Garibaldi Lake. What truly made the hike worthwhile was the main lake. Garibaldi Lake is first visible from the trail as you come to the lakes edge where it funnels into Lesser Garibaldi, before crossing a small bridge. As you enter the edge of the lake it is a magical sight, to say the least. I will never forget the moment I saw the view!

    Jordan Dyke (@joordanrenee)

    Someone once told me that, There are no shortcuts to places worth going. Our first hike brought us to Garibaldi Lake, a stunningly picturesque glacial lake with a seemingly perfect mountain backdrop. But getting there was not an easy task, and there (literally) were no shortcuts available. With over a 1.5 km incline, the hike is not for the light of heart. Be prepared to sweat and expect yourself to keep saying are we there yet? to your fellow hikers. But also - prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful views of your entire life. Reward yourself with a swim in the icy glacial waters, trust me its the cherry on the cake. A somewhat hidden treasure on the trail is one of the lookout points onto the canyon about half way through the hike. Here, you can sit and have a lunch break, taking it all in before you continue your ascend up to Garibaldi Lake.

    Bryce Evans (@artofbryce)

    This hike was a long one — estimated out to be around 5 hours via the Internet, the lower Garibaldi trails took us around 12 hours (we didn’t account for photo stops and water breaks). With a lookout point and smaller lakes along the way there were lots of opportunities to take photos and pause to enjoy the view. We took a long lunch break at the glacial waters where we swam and took in the sights. The water is freezing and so refreshing after the hike up to the lake. Just make sure you have a patch of sunlight to dry off and warm up in. The trails can seem long and at times never-ending, but the jewel of Garibaldi Lake is well worth the effort! Next time, I’ll be heading up the Black Tusk trail for a camping trip to fully experience this place.



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    Our Instagram pals @artofbryce, @joordanrenee, @thewildtraveler and @corinaesquivel are still wandering the trails around Vancouver. And they recently explored the glacial waters of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

    Oh, to dive into those electric-hued waters… Show us your favorite adventure spots by tagging your photos with #OurFavoriteTrail and #GetOutThere.

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  3. Do not sit idly and let life pass you by — jump in and participate, lead the way, speak out, love, explore and learn. Make your impact, creating a ripple effect that leaves the world a bit better than when you first got here.

    Garibaldi Lake



  4. Do not sit idly and let life pass you by — jump in and participate, lead the way, speak out, love, explore and learn. Make your impact, creating a ripple effect that leaves the world a bit better than when you first got here.

    Garibaldi Lake



  5. "Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom." — Marilyn Ferguson



  6. I will always remember that blue.

    Joffre Lake, BC, Canada



  7. Joffre Lakes - On The Low



  8. Born from a city made of gold, but it never filled his soul. His mind wandered through the buildings and the lights as he concentrated, contemplating the meaning of life.



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  10. Garibaldi Lake



  11. We are simultaneously saying good morning and goodnight. #sunsetsforbreakfast (at Stanley Park Seawall)


  12. We’re heading out again this weekend for another hiking adventure! Garibaldi is going to be really hard to beat with landscapes like this. Where should we go next? #OurFavoriteTrail (at Garibaldi Lake)


  13. Mirror worlds in our minds play out the days as we fade away. Or we can unplug and enjoy this moment. Pause and be grateful for this beautiful Earth. Love and connect with others, realizing our true worth. A simple choice. (at Blacktusk/ Garibaldi Lake)


  14. Walking the path is much easier with friends by your side. #OurFavoriteTrail (at Garibaldi Lake)


  15. "Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains." — Steve Jobs (at Gambier Island)