1. I will always remember that blue.

    Joffre Lake, BC, Canada



  2. Joffre Lakes - On The Low



  3. Born from a city made of gold, but it never filled his soul. His mind wandered through the buildings and the lights as he concentrated, contemplating the meaning of life.



  4. From last night.



  5. Garibaldi Lake



  6. We are simultaneously saying good morning and goodnight. #sunsetsforbreakfast (at Stanley Park Seawall)


  7. We’re heading out again this weekend for another hiking adventure! Garibaldi is going to be really hard to beat with landscapes like this. Where should we go next? #OurFavoriteTrail (at Garibaldi Lake)


  8. Mirror worlds in our minds play out the days as we fade away. Or we can unplug and enjoy this moment. Pause and be grateful for this beautiful Earth. Love and connect with others, realizing our true worth. A simple choice. (at Blacktusk/ Garibaldi Lake)


  9. Walking the path is much easier with friends by your side. #OurFavoriteTrail (at Garibaldi Lake)


  10. "Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains." — Steve Jobs (at Gambier Island)


  11. Over the next month @thewildtraveller, @joordanrenee, @corinaesquivel & I are exploring BC with @nature_valley to find #OurFavoriteTrail. Garibaldi Lake proved to be a tough contender today with this view and we have hidden a prize for you to find along the way. #GetOutThere and enjoy the last days of summer! (at Garibaldi Lake)


  12. We are getting a beautiful extended summer here in Vancouver and I’m excited to start a new adventure tomorrow for @nature_valley with @thewildtraveller @joordanrenee & @corinaesquivel! Check back tomorrow for details on our explorations around BC. #GetOutThere #OurFavoriteTrail (at Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, BC)


  13. This guy is going to be so tired when he gets back from his trip. I can’t wait to hear about all his adventures in the Rockies, Toronto, NYC, and Washington DC. // #tired_portrait


  14. Cozy Quarters


  15. Somewhere in the middle is where my mind lies, where all time subsides, where my heart resides - take a moment to see it through my eyes. // #explorebc #explorecanada (at Andy Livingstone Park)