1. Dive Into The Cosmos. // #wicked_flip (at Crab Park)


  2. Another Summer Stunner // #skycities (at Crab Park)


  3. Transcendence // #warpspeedshooter


  4. Look at all those lines! #lookingdown (at Lonsdale Quay waterfront)


  5. Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made // #explorebc through a #minimalskyline (at Lonsdale Quay waterfront)


  6. @thewildtraveller seen through the cracks of the road less travelled.


  7. #WaterWednesday for @explorecanada (at Third Beach - Stanley Park)


  8. When the clouds part and the skies clear, everyone in the city goes out to play! #skycities


  9. Seen while walking hungrily to get lunch.


  10. Prepare for the pivot // #warpspeedshooter


  11. It’s been a while, but I found another cloud lost on the ground. #cloudsinthewild // cloud image courtesy of @joecavazos #jovrscloud9


  12. Staring at the sun 🚀☀️ #whpspacedreams


  13. Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sun in the sky, you know how I feel. #skycities (at Lonsdale Quay waterfront)


  14. #chasingharshlight by laying on the floor of @arch_barrera’s apartment.


  15. Brain Scrambler // #jumpstagram